4 Tips to Make Your Brand POP On Social media Platforms

Going online without a focused plan is looking for trouble. Think about what you want out Social Media Platform of your campaign. Do you want to have conversations with your customers? Are you a retail company wanting to drive sales? Are you looking for influential social media user to help extend your brand? These things should be considered when setting your goals and once you have them in place you can continue planning your strategy.

Why you should stare at a wall

Before you start your online campaign, you need to figure out how your brand will come across in the social world. Your company/product already has a brand, so it is important to find the voice that matches the personality of your brand. The tone of voice is very important. Different social platforms have different tones. Linked in for example is more formal than twitter or Facebook – but then again, it all depends on your brand and what you want to achieve.

Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, are some of the most popular platforms, but with hundreds to choose from and new ones popping up almost every day, how do you determine which ones are best for you? If you’re a retailer, Pinterest or Facebook might be for you because of the ability to share images and videos of your products. Companies who want to sharpen up on their customer service skills may prefer the immediacy of Twitter.

Customers love to leave comments on your social media platforms because they want an immediate answer to their questions. Do not ever let a customer’s problem go unanswered on a blog, Twitter or Facebook – it is asking for trouble in a BIG way. It suggest you are not listening to what your customers are saying. They way in which you deal with these type of comments could turn a customer from just liking your product to becoming a brand ambassador of your products.

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