Brain Functions Improve With Mental Health Supplements

Are you aware that your brain consumes twenty percent of the oxygen you breathe but only weighs two percent of your total weight? Well, that’s a fact and it has to be so. After all, the brain controls all the bodily functions like sensing, moving, thinking and acting.

But when the brain stops functioning smoothly, we experience different symptoms like headaches, depression, anxiety, loss of memory and concentration Anabolic Pharma USA Canada . The healthy functioning of the brain depends on what we eat and drink, how we rest and how much exercise we undertake. That the body requires health supplements is generally accepted by all people but not many understand the value of mental health supplements.

o Vitamins: All the vitamins in the B category are important for the brain aicar100mg . For instance, Vitamin B2 or riboflavin helps in keeping the senses alive. Deficiency of this vitamin leads to numbness, loss of sensation, seizures and other neurological symptoms. Foods rich in riboflavin are spinach, broccoli, chicken eggs and cow’s milk.

o Minerals: Almost all minerals are helpful in maintaining brain health. Iron, for example, helps in oxygen transport and storage. It is one of the minerals which are always deficient in our diet and this leads to headaches, dizziness and fatigue. Iron rich food includes raisins, potatoes, lentils and cashew nuts.

o Antioxidants: The brain is exposed to high oxidative stress whenever it needs more oxygen as a result of performing various functions. Oxygen free radicals produced during such stress can cause irreversible damage to brain cells. Therefore, it is recommended to include antioxidant rich foods like citrus fruits, cauliflower, cabbage, and olives in our diet.

o Fatty acids: Fish is sometimes known as brain food. This is because they contain essential fatty acids which are important in the process of formation and growth of nerve cells in the brain. Deficiency of fatty acids is becoming widespread and is responsible for various emotional and learning disorders like schizophrenia and autism. Fatty acids are found in rich quantities in cold water fish like herring and sardines.

Including mental health supplements as an integral part of our normal diet supplementation program is essential because all the required nutrients are not available in our diets. Mental health supplements include a number of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and they must be taken along with whatever other health related efforts we are undertaking including exercise or yoga.

If you have difficulty in choosing the right mental health supplements, simply go for the best. In a survey that compared over 1500 health products, the supplements of Usana Health Sciences were found to be the best for four years in a row.

These days, there are a large number of health supplements in the market. Most of them are not even for when you are sick, but for regular everyday intake. They are mostly marketed as promoting both health and wellness.

The health supplements will help you to look much younger, feel better and actually be more attractive. A large number of people are choosing to take more than one type of health supplement at the same time. The reasons vary greatly, some because of sports interests, others just to keep healthy.

The practice of taking health supplements has become so commonplace in the United States that some people would not stop even if the doctor advised them to.

If utilized properly, the health supplements will optimize your health. This, however, does not mean that you should over-use the supplement. The supplements will help you overcome any nutritional deficiencies that your body might be encountering. In these times we live in, our tight schedules may not allow us to give great attention to what we eat. You might have been tempted more than once to buy fast food and rush back to work. You are not alone. Millions of Americans do the same thing. These supplements therefore help you catch up on these left out nutrients.

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