Why Porcelain Doll Collectors Everywhere Should Collect Chinese Porcelain Dolls

Porcelain is widely believed to have begun its production in China, although what we typically think of as Chinese porcelain dolls are not known to be commercially created there until quite recently. If you should find an antique Chinese porcelain doll, you can be quite certain she was made most likely in Europe, where most china dolls were made ラブドール . Often dressed in traditional clothing, they are fast becoming collector’s items and favorites of both adults and children.

The first Chinese dolls were generally made of terra cotta, most often not glazed, or simply bits of material as are the typical rag dolls of today. If the doll was made from terra cotta, it costume was also providing more of a figuring than a doll and is known to be anywhere from a few inches tall to life-size. The rag dolls were dressed in clothing typical of the period in basic materials but were generally highly embroidered creating a stunning handmade creation.

The original porcelain dolls depicting Chinese characters were figurines of animals, birds, deities or legendary characters and available only to nobility. As the production of porcelain became larger, the varieties of these figurines became wider including depictions of women, children, elderly, and other people children would encounter in everyday life.

They were still rather expensive but children in wealthier household would often have an entire village of such characters and would play with them much as present day children do. They would re-enact normal everyday activities, or myths and historical legends during their playtime with such figurines. Some of these had nodding heads and many were depicted doing activities such as boys laughing and playing or girls feeding fowl or fetching water.

Sometime in the mid 18th century, what is generally regarded to be the common porcelain doll with a ceramic head and hands and dressed in traditional garb started showing up on the market. Often these depicted elaborately dressed men on horseback in beautifully embroidered clothing or heroines drawn from Chinese mythology.

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